Tyne United New Years Head 2015

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On Saturday 17th January DUBC proudly co-organised the Tyne United New Years Head 2015. After a week of bad weather the event went ahead and with a great turn out from local clubs it was a great day of racing.

See below for a summary of the results or for a full set of results visit here for division 1 and here for division 2:

Division 1

Event Fastest Crew Time
Men’s 8 NEW (RUDKIN) 14:15.0
IM3 8 HAT (HOYLE) 16:11.6
MAS C/D/E  4X- DUR (RINGER) 17:49.4
WJ18A 4X- TYN (TURLEY) 18:28.6
WIM2/WIM3 4+ YRK (RANKIN) 18:40.4
WIM3 4X- TYU (KINDLEYS) 18:42.6
WNOV 4+ NEW (NOVICII) 19:57.2
WNOV 4X+ TYN (CROWTHE) 20:32.3



Division 2

Event Fastest Crew Time
Women’s 8 DUBC (ELLEKER) 17:24.7
J18A 4X- TYN (MCDONNELL) 17:34.9
MAS E 8 TYN (CHAPPEL) 17:50.6
W IM3 8 DUBC (LANG) 19:48.5
W NOV 8 AID (WILLIS) 21:48.7
W J17A 2X TTA (LEWIS) 23:08.0

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