Newsletter 08/12/2015

Dear Parents and Alumni

It will be a very brief newsletter this week as once again wind and rain have been our enemies.  The high water in Durham and high winds on the Tyne have kept us mostly on land for another two weeks. The big upset was the cancellation of Rutherford head last weekend as we had all been looking forward to a chance to test ourselves against Newcastle and Edinburgh. Despite all this, the athletes have been working hard and continuing the progress that we have made on our fitness.

With Rutherford cancelled we began our test week a few days early with the 5k test and the club rose to the opportunity to show exactly how hard they had all been working. Of the 42 athletes that tested on Saturday, 39 got personal best scores, an incredible improvement that puts us in a very good place going into the rest of test week and next term. I look forward to writing my next letter with the 2k and 30 minute results and hope that we can have such success in all three.

Finally another reminder that our alumni races will be on the 9th of January at London Rowing Club, starting from 2pm and with food and refreshments served in the Bar. We would love to see everyone there including parents and family. We ask only that if you are attending please drop me an email at so that we can plan for catering.


Until next Time,


Edward Gleadowe

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