NEIRC Redraw

A time change has had to occur due to a BUCS Volleyball match cross over. As such please find an update draw below. Any problems please get in contact.

NEIRC Update

Sports Hall Risk Assessment 

We are proud to announce that for the first time we have adaptive athletes competing, both of whom have recently returned form GB trials, we look forward to seeing them in action.

Lightweights can weigh in up to 1 hour before their race starts.

Due to a lack of entries lightweight college is not an option and have been amalgamated into the other college events. Please advise if a correction needs to be made, the amount of detail provided by some colleges was limit, in this cases a best guess approach was adopted. Please check.

The team racing event shall be run in men’s and women’s waves with results being extracted.

Please be advised the BUCS entries need to be submitted by the 8th of December, any problems please get in contact.