HRR, Alumni Drinks and New Exec

Last week saw three full DUBC crews competing at the foremost regatta in the world, with a further three current athletes competing in composites.

  • Prince Albert 4+: Bow: Francis Highton, 2: Callum McBrierty, 3: Stephen Jones, Str: Phil Congdon, Cox: Franz Imfeld.

This crew was our only selected crew and met a development crew from Goldie Boat Club in the first round on Wednesday. From here they progressed through to Thursday against an American crew from the University of Virginia, who again they beat to go on to the Semis on Saturday. They then ended up meeting a strong Brookes crew and were knocked out.

  •  The Temple Challenge Cup 8+s:

Bow: Charlie Rendle, 2: Stu McCluskey, 3: Rob Hodgson, 4: Ben McAll, 5: Barney Stentiford, 6: Angus Groom, 7: Simon Hardie, Str: John Ford, Cox: Charlotte Jackson.

Bow: Will Scott, 2: Chris Thomas, 3: Steve Winship, 4: Jack Lowrie, 5: Richard Langguth, 6: Ed Sidgwick, 7: Alex Blake, Str: Michael Walker, Cox: Emma Graham.

Both of these eights met tough competition on their first day, with the 1st VIII succumbing to a strong crew from Groningen University of the Netherlands, who went on to lose to the eventual winners Cal, Berkeley. The 2nd VIII managed to get one round further by beating Reading University but then lost to the Harvard Freshmen VIII on the Thursday.

  • Charlotte Jackson, along with competing in the Temple with our 1st VIII also competed in the Remenham Challenge Cup with the GB U23 Women’s VIII.
  • William Fletcher reprised his role in the U23 Lightweight 4- winning his fourth Henley medal in the Visitors Challenge Cup.
  • Stu Innes competed in a composite 4x with Agecroft in the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup reaching the Semis, being beaten by Tideway Scullers ‘A’.

The Saturday of Henley also saw our annual Alumni Drinks which attracted a record number of attendees, current and old alike, with much Pimm’s drank and many friendships created or renewed. It was very rewarding to see such a large amount of support for the club from all.

The Alumni Drinks also saw the official handover to the incoming Exec commitee 2011-12:

  • President: Franz Imfeld
  • Vice-President: Francis Highton
  • Secretary: Lewis Weaver
  • Treasurer: Chris Thomas
  • Women’s Captain: Rachel Martin
  • Men’s Captain: Rob Hodgson

Please see the Exec section of the site for biographies and contact details.