GB Trials & South Yorkshire Head

This weekend saw the triallists racing at Dorney, whilst the remainder of the Men’s squad and the Freshers’ squad competed at the South Yorkshire Head.

In Dorney, particular congratulations go to Sarah Cowburn for her very impressive 3rd U23 and to  Steve Jones and Callum for performing well on the day in their pair finishing a very creditable 15th overall (3rd U23 they think?!) Leaving Durham last year, Emily Taylor has just been picked for the national team – congratulations to her too.

At Doncaster, the freshers put in very dominant performances with the Women’s 4+ winning by 40+ seconds and the men claiming gold in their 8+. The seniors faced little competition but it provided a good chance for the crews to focus on their racing with little pressure. Some good performances were put in and the racing provided a very useful dress rehearsal for BUCS Head this weekend.

With trials on hold, DUBC is now absolutely focussed on an important week’s training in the lead up to the BUCS Head in Peterborough over the coming weekend.