DUBC hosts two successful summer sculling camps.

DUBC once again hosted its annual sculling camp this summer and was deemed to be a success all round. The camp was divided into two separate weeks, the first week being for juniors (those under 17) and the second for seniors. In both the focus was very much on technique development in singles, and with around 40 people on each camp, the River Tyne was awash with boats. That wasn’t to say that quality coaching was thinly spread; quite the opposite. Everyone was divided into groups of 6 based on their sculling experience and each group then had two coaches between them. These coaches were rotated in every session, meaning everyone always had a new pair of eyes on them and this refreshing system meant that there was always something to be working on and improving. A time trial at the beginning and end of the week demonstrated just how much people had developed during the week, a testament to the coaching and also enthusiasm of all those who were on camp.

There were also land based sessions to break the week up, with technique sessions in both the weights room and on the erg and also a talk from the Team Durham physio. These were also highly productive and hopefully lessons learnt here can be carried by everyone through winter training. Both weeks were ended with a meal out in Durham and brought to a close two very successful weeks for all involved. Thanks must be given to all the coaches, without whom the week could not have taken place, and we look forward to a similar camp next summer!

 Simon Mocatta