DUBC BUCS medal haul.

The annual BUCS head was held in Peterborough last weekend. The conditions were cold and windy but this did not impede performance – Durham won 132 BUCS points over the weekend.

All crews were required to race over a 4.5 km course.

The freshers’ squads particularly impressed, winning gold in both the men’s beginner’s eights and women’s coxed fours. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as this squad is made up of complete novices, who all started rowing last term, when they came to Durham.

The senior squad also had a strong presence on the podium. The men won the championship coxless four, came second in the championship coxed four; champ eight and intermediate 8 and earned bronze medals in intermediate coxed four and lightweight quad.

The women won gold in the championship coxless 4 and intermediate 8, silver in the championship 8, bronze in the championship coxed and coxless fours; as well as in the lightweight four.

Club president Franz Imfield said ‘A good weekend for development for the Summer season, but where Durham didn’t win, the tables need to be turned for the Regatta.’

Next on DUBC’s agenda is the Head of The River, which is held in London in mid march.