DUBC at Quintin Head

This past weekend played host to Quintin Head of the River Race on the Tideway in London. DUBC sent boats from the senior women’s squad and from both the men’s and women’s fresher squads for their debut appearance on the tideway. There were strong performances from the  senior women placing their 1st VIII as the 4th fastest women’s crew of the day (3rd in women’s senior VIIIs) while the 2nd VIII placing 4th in women’s IM1 VIIIs.

The men’s freshers’ squad sent two VIIIs,  placing 4th and 7th out of 25 boats in Novice VIIIs while the women’s fresher squad sent one VIII which came an impressive  3rd out of a wide field of 28 boats.

A strong start to the big boats racing season as these crews and the men’s squad look forward to BUCS IVs and VIIIs Head and The Head of the River Race in London.