The facilities that we enjoy at Durham University boat club are improving every year:


The facilities in Durham City, as the new term starts, comprise of a powered eight person rowing tank, full strength and conditioning gym, 28 piece ergo gallery and the boat house, with enough space to house our entire fleet and then some. The boat house also includes enough racking for private singles and dedicated workshop area.


For our big boat work and endurance training, we have a boat house on the river Tyne at Gateshead, a short drive from Durham. We have formed a partnership with Tyne United Rowing Club (http://www.tyneunited.co.uk/ )  which is really going from strength to strength. This year has seen a transition phase from training out of a building site to a brand new club house. Durham University will now have sole access to two entire boat sheds – one for college boats and one for university boats. The boat house at Tyne also has the benefit of catering between sessions and an ergo room and rowing tank.