The jubilant Men's 1st 8 on beating Newcastle in the annual University Boat Race. Cox - Char Jackson; Stroke - John Ford; 7 - Rory MacLeod; 6 - Lee Fisher; 5 - Steve Jones; 4 - Phil Congdon; 3 - Barney Stentiford; 2 - Jamie Watson; Bow - Stu McCluskey

A Tribute to Bill Burdus

April 4th, 2014
Dear President,
I was very sorry to learn of the death of Bill Burdus in January. Bill 
was DUBC First Eight coach in the early 1960s, at a time when Newcastle 
was one of the Durham Colleges, so we had a crew made up jointly from 
Newcastle and Durham. I coxed the eight in 1962 and 1963 and got to know 
Bill very well. I recall regular trips to the (old) boathouse at Newburn 
from Durham in Bill's 2.8 litre Jaguar (a "Morse"-type car), which was 
more comfortable than some of the student vehicles! Club records will 
show that we won the Ortner Shield at the Tideway Head in 1963 thanks to 
Bill's dedication and inspired coaching. What is probably lost in the mists 
about our 1963 travel to London is that, in addition to his Jaguar Bill had 
a "blown" VW Beetle which was very quick and very interesting to drive round 
bends. For some unknown reason, Bill asked me to drive this down to 
London for him, and we managed to complete the journey safely although 
the crew travelling with me perhaps preferred my steering of the eight 
to the car (there was no speed limit on the M1 in those days).
Anyway, I remember Bill with great fondness and would be grateful if you 
would pass on my belated condolences to his family.
With all good wishes,
Peter Clare

The Passing of a Fine Oarsman: Peter Brett – A tribute by Anthony Wells

April 2nd, 2014

Peter Brett, always known as Pete, was the most distinguished oarsman of his generation in the nineteen sixties at Durham University. He went up to St. Cuthbert’s Society (Cuth’s) in 1964 from the Strode’s School. Pete won every major university rowing championship, winning his Senate Colors at St. Cuthbert’s  and a full Palatinate for his key position in the Durham University first eight and first four, representing Durham at Henley and other premier regattas over a three year period. In addition, he was the university sculling champion. He succeeded A. R. Wells in 1965 as Captain of Boats at Cuth’s and followed Wells in making Cuth’s the preeminent rowing college during his year as Captain, filling the Junior Common Room trophy cabinet with an enviable collection. In subsequent decades Cuth’s followed the tradition that Wells and Brett created. To this day St. Cuthbert’s Society Boat Club is a premier college Boat Club at Durham, with Durham University Boat Club having won the British universities rowing championship title in ten successive years through 2013.

Pete Brett had many memorable wins at Durham, and one of the most remarkable was winning in 1965 the university Lowe’s Pairs Championship, with A.R. Wells, with Pete in the Bow/steers position behind Wells at stroke. In the final their victory distance over the President of the University Boat Club and his partner was such that Brett and Wells had turned their boat around and were heading back up stream on the Wear when the defeated pair crossed the finishing line. Pete lead by great example, good humour, and tremendous drive and energy, and created the highest standards for training and rowing skill for Cuth’s and the University in the 1960s. Durham’s new university rowing coach, Eric Halliday, fresh from coaching and teaching at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, instantly recognized the enormous talent that Pete possessed. When he graduated in Applied Physics and went to work for Rolls Royce in Derby, Pete left a tremendous legacy at Cuth’s and in Durham University Boat Club.

Pete had a most distinguished rowing year after Durham at Derby Rowing Club, and he maintained his extraordinary fitness level after going to South Island, New Zealand, to farm with his wife Rosemary and later returning to the UK for their daughters’ education. Pete and his wife Rosemary were so proud of daughters Kitty and Susie in winning places at Cuth’s and rowing while at Durham. Right up until Pete became ill in early 2014 he maintained a fitness routine. He came to the Cuth’s 125th anniversary dinner in November, 2013. He was so pleased to see fellow oarsmen Phil Wardle and Tony Wells at his dinner table – a memorable evening of wonderful reminiscences. St. Cuthbert’s Society Boat Club, Durham University Boat Club, and his many fellow oarsmen friends, send their heartfelt condolences to Pete’s wife and two daughters. Pete was the very best. We miss him greatly. His crews’ spirit will endure.

Bill Burdus

January 5th, 2014

Bill recently passed away and our thoughts go out to his family and friends. Bill coached DUBC before Eric Halliday in the 60s. Then in the early 90s he coached the early freshman crews alongside Gerald Blake, Rob Morgan and Jed Gargan. We should invite recollections of his style.